Barbeque grill


Durable and extremely strong barbeque grill.

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We tried our best to make this barbeque grill extremely durable. The barbeque grill is made from black structural steel which is colored with special paint and has a thickness of 2 mm. The bottom is strengthened with 3 mm thick black metal in order for the grill to have a longer lifespan. The body of the grill is strengthened with a special strengthened edge, so the grill, unlike the usual ones, would not bend or lose its form due to high heat conditions or frequent usage. In addition, the tray which is attached to the grill’s bottom improves its stability and acts as a perfect spot to place the tools used when grilling.

The grill’s legs rest upon the ground with specially bent, square in form supports in order to preserve the grass. Cuts made for attaching the cooking poles are also more narrow on one side of the grill so the food would not weigh down the pole to one of the sides. Last but not least, laser-cut fire elements will provide some cosiness in the evening, and fully polished angles will ensure that you would not injure yourself and your clothes would remain intact.

Barbeque grill specifications:
Height with attached legs – 800 mm
Length – 453 mm
Width – 350 mm

Weight 15 kg